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How Intervl made £1 000 000 from personal branding 

Intervl launched in July 2020 and were soon forced to grow the team in order to cope with the increase in inbound business since graduating The Personal Branding Bootcamp For Recruiters.

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Increased brand awareness

Huge increase in views, engagement, and direct business

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+£100,000 in 4 months

Six figure revenue in 4 months from new business "we never knew existed!"

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+£1 000 000 since joining our Academy

On average, 2 new clients approach us directly for our services every week


Increased demand

Forced to grow the team to cope with the demand coming from inbound business

1. Situation

Intervl are a specialist boutique recruitment agency who joined the academy in March 2021. They support companies developing new products and services in Cleantech.

Stuart Middleton launched the business in July 2020 and has built the team to four people. Stuart had already made a name for himself in the market, but wasn’t sure how to get his brand out to his ideal target audience.

2. Solution

Stuart knew his team needed to start using LinkedIn to its full potential, but had no clue where to start. Once he saw there was a personal branding programme specifically designed for recruiters, he knew he needed to take the opportunity to learn how to grow his and his team’s brands on LinkedIn.

The Intervl team joined the Personal Branding Bootcamp in March 2021 and after starting the 8-week programme, joined the Hoxo Academy Community for recruiters as well. They set aside time to post content on LinkedIn according to the Hoxo Academy formula, and added KPIs for the team purely based on LinkedIn metrics.

3. Results

Since joining the Academy and implementing the principles learned on the Personal Branding Bootcamp, the Intervl team has seen phenomenal growth in engagement. They’ve been able to connect with people that are more comfortable and familiar with their brand, which has led to better inbound conversations and leads.

They’re growing a huge network and their content leads to people coming up and talking to them, which rarely happened before. Now, they’re in a position where they have to grow the company even further to meet the demand coming from inbound business.


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Team wins

"I put out a post and got over 7000 views with a network of 400 connections, over 40 comments, and is still active over a week after posting. Received a few DM's and loads of connections"

“To become a leader. You got to know what you're good at and what you're not so good at. My weakness was definitely content creation and social media presence, because I'd never done it before."

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