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How Orbition has hit seven figures since September 2020 through inbound activity

Orbition’s founder, Kyle Winterbottom, joined the Personal Brand Academy in 2020 and has since grown his company through content and marketing. 

Below are just some of the things Kyle has achieved:

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Hit seven figures in 2 years

100% of Orbition’s revenue has come from inbound activity

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Named Data IQ's 100 Most Influential People in Data 2022

Kyle was the first ever recruiter to be selected

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Built a strong and valuable personal brand

Kyle has become one of the go-to players in data analytics

Seen as credible in his market

Kyle is paid to speak at large-scale events and write book reviews and content in his field

1. Situation

Kyle Winterbottom is the founder of Orbition, a boutique talent solutions business in the UK, with operations in Europe. Orbition has grown to 10 staff since starting in 2020.

When Kyle first joined the Personal Brand Academy, he was already creating content on LinkedIn, but he didn’t have a clear and consistent process and structure on the platform. He joined the Academy to maximise the time he spent on LinkedIn.

He knew that the world of recruitment was starting to shift massively and that to be successful, he’d have to stand out in his field as a data and analytics recruiter.

2. Solution

The Academy programme gave Kyle structure and understanding of how LinkedIn works, how to position what he was writing to be seen to the right type of people, and how to be more tactical around things like posting times.

Recently, Kyle has put the rest of his team onto the programme so that they can start creating their own brands, relevant to their specific markets. 

The Academy will help the team increase their brand presence and attract more candidates. 

This is a challenge for them because they recruit for a wide variety of jobs. So if each team member builds out their own brand into a specific vertical within a particular geography, they can fuel all their content around that niche audience.

3. Results

Right now, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to conquering a specific market, and Orbition is doing just that! 

100% of its revenue can be traced back to inbound activity on the back of content and marketing.

Kyle has built a strong personal brand which has led him to be seen as a well-known and respected player in data analytics. People now know and trust him, and are open and keen to do business with him. He’s being paid to speak at events, review books and write content for others in his field.

He was even selected as one of Data IQ's 100 Most Influential People in Data 2022 - he is the first ever recruiter to be selected.

In the space of two years, Orbition hit the seven-figure mark and we have no doubt that with their team building their personal brands, they’ll only grow bigger and faster.


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Success stories

Here's what our Academy members have to say about the Personal Branding Launch programme

"Made my first 3 placements (worth £49,000) just before my 3 month anniversary with the company all from LinkedIn activity."

"I am ending the week with +261% views on LinkedIn. Confirmed two great IVs booked next week and another post featured on LinkedIn which has boosted engagement and connections."

"I put out a post and got over 7000 views with a network of 400 connections, over 40 comments, and it’s still active over a week after posting. Received a few DMs and loads of connections."

“To become a leader. You got to know what you're good at and what you're not so good at. My weakness was definitely content creation and social media presence, because I'd never done it before."

“The course helped me renew and refine our focus on marketing and start some new initiatives that may never have come to fruition. During the last 6 months, having a weekly call with everyone was also a nice break from the norm.”

“I had some engagement from a client we’ve been trying to develop for a long time on a personal pole. It then carried on to be something we spoke about over the phone or on emails. We managed to sign terms for both freelance and permanent for the full business off the back of that.”

“The content is a game-changer and made me realise how important LinkedIn is to our business and to myself as a professional! I appreciate it more now and I'm actually excited when it comes to posting content!”

“I had never used LinkedIn before the start of this course so I had no idea where to start. I started in recruitment 2 weeks before I started this course. From the first post, I have averaged 2 candidates contacting me per post.”

“The 8 week course was invaluable when it comes to building a personal brand online. Sean is highly engaging and the sessions were interactive and informative. The team have now come away with a process for their LI activity which makes it manageable for them on a daily basis.”

“Love the live sessions with interaction, has really made me think about something I'd never considered before, like the mix of slides, real-life examples and candidate interaction. Clearly planned but delivered in an engaging way and willing to adapt to the questions thrown at them.”

“The content has been so valuable and putting it into practise has benefitted my business so much. I am generating more incoming leads, creating a presence on Linkedin and appearing as an expert in my market.”

“The content has been really eye-opening in terms of how things we do in our everyday jobs and personal lives can be easily turned into something interesting to read on LinkedIn for our followers. Each module taught me something new that I did not think of a different approach to what and how I post.”

“I'm just doing everything from LinkedIn now. Every candidate I get. An offer I've got right now is from a candidate on LinkedIn. It’s all from people who start liking your posts and start interacting with you.”

Client reached out directly after following me on LinkedIn and seeing all my content. Wanted to set up a meeting and there are 1-2 roles following. We are currently agreeing on TOBs but the client has already given us exclusivity for all roles.”

“I had the head of a large potential client reach out to me on LinkedIn. His comment was: Stine, I like the profile that you and Helm are making on LinkedIn. Maybe when you are free let’s have a coffee now things are freed up a little?”

“All content was relevant and to the point. The cheat sheet is especially helpful - the hard part of thinking what to write has literally been done for you!”

“Both Aaron and Sean delivered each session differently. It was nice to get both of their insights into what does and doesn't work when building your brand. Their different coaching styles drew me in and had me hooked from the start.”

“Brilliant at delivering the training in a simple and well structured format with a great balance of valuable insights and enthusiasm. 8 weeks have gone by so quickly, but I have taken away lots of great tips, advice, and a clear content strategy to implement.”

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