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How Precision Sourcing made $2 million in revenue in one financial year from personal branding

Precision Sourcing enjoyed a record year since starting their business after the entire team graduated the Hoxo Academy and bought into the methodology behind the Personal Branding Bootcamp For Recruiters.

Here's how they did it:

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Biggest year since 2005

The Personal Branding Bootcamp is one of the main reasons for their most successful year


54% of deals originate from client meetings

The part Hoxo plays in making those meeting pitches credible is significant


23% of gross profit from personal branding

Precision Sourcing has been able to increase their gross profit by following the Personal Brand Academy methadologies

Calls are a lot warmer

Since buying into the Personal Branding Bootcamp, candidates and clients they reach out to already recognise them

1. Situation

Precision Sourcing thought their marketing was where it should be, until they joined one of The Hoxo Academy’s Taster Sessions in May 2020. Quickly, they realised they could be doing more with personal branding.

Managing Director Simon Hair went through the course himself and decided to get all 22 staff bought in to building their personal brands and integrating the Hoxo Academy teachings in their day to day work activities.

2. Solution

Simon had to ensure everyone believed in and understood the Personal Branding Bootcamp methodology: how to use content to influence their own individual targets, as well as the company’s as a whole. This involved embedding new KPIs, daily activities, and overall growth strategies across the business.

He made sure his team was fully committed to integrating the methodology in their strategy, changing role descriptions and promotion criteria to reflect this.

3. Results

Since aligning with the Personal Branding Bootcamp programme, people they reach out to recognise the team, so calls are a lot warmer. They also see increased inbound engagement as the brand becomes more familiar in the market.

They’re heading for double revenue this year. And team morale has skyrocketed - the incentives and extra motivation has led them to become more competitive, more successful, and overall better advocates of Precision Sourcing.

Now, Simon only hires people willing to take on the Hoxo Academy methodology. They tell clients how they're KPI'd, and how using this approach allows them to not only add value to candidates and clients, but function as an effective talent lead magnet too.


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Team wins

"Client reached out directly after following me on LinkedIn and seeing all my content. Wanted to set up a meeting and there are 1-2 roles following. We are currently agreeing on TOBs but the client has already given us exclusivity for all roles.”

“I work in the BI recruitment and posted a poll asking something quite specific to my network. In 24 hours, I received over - 97,000 views, 1,500 votes , 100 comments, 250 profile views and 50 requests to connect. I Could just not pick up the phone to candidates for the rest of the year now…”

"After our personal brand session, I decided to be extremely vulnerable and put a personal post out the very next day about how I cope with COVID lockdown and it has received a lot of traction and I have had friends and clients reach out to check in!"

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