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How One Ten Associates unlock key relationships with content

One Ten Associates worked alongside The Hoxo Agency this year to execute a number of highly targeted content products that have gone on to have a significant impact on both recruitment outcomes and the day to day operation of the business.

Social Media Marketing Icons_idea-1

Plans for growth

Leveraging decades of sector experience to drive engagement and build brand awareness

Social Media Marketing Icons_email

Compensation report

Hundreds of downloads and direct enquiries within a niche market

Podcast Icons_host

Podcast series launched

Opening doors to new business relationships and exposing the brand to a fresh audience


Above average results

Impressions, open rates, click through and conversions higher than industry averages

1. Situation

One Ten Associates are fund management specialists based in London. They've been going strong for a decade but lacked a consistent marketing function before engaging Hoxo Media.

They knew what they wanted to achieve with their content, but didn't have the time or in-house expertise to get projects over the line.

One Ten first met with The Hoxo Agency's strategy team to draw up a plan to grow the brand and get closer to their clients and candidates at the same time.

2. Solution

The sector had been crying out for a definitive compensation report for some time, so this became a priority deliverable for our creative teams. Alongside a podcast designed to inspire and motivate aspirant COOs and CFOs.

We planned a lot of cool video content for social, and also embedded a CRM across the business to help them store, track, and engage their data.

Initially, trusting a marketing agency was a big deal. But One Ten now use content as an integral BD tool within their sales strategy.

3. Results

The salary guide has been a success. It's been downloaded hundreds of times by key contacts in a niche sector, which has been great at making introductions.

The podcast's opened doors to new business relationships, and a new audience. We've recorded 10 episodes together and have plenty more planned for the future.

And our newsletter's hitting incredible numbers, with a 40% open rate and 27% click through. Overall, the combined impact of this highly targeted strategy is making a measurable difference to the conversations One Ten have on a daily basis.

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