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What people are saying about the

Hoxo Academy

"I am ending the week with +261% views on LinkedIn. Confirmed 2 great IVs booked next week and another post featured on LinkedIn which has boosted engagement and connections.

Kerri-Ann Hargreaves
Co-Founder & Director of H2 Consultancy

“The course helped me renew and refine our focus on marketing and start some new initiatives that may never have come to fruition. During the last 6 months, having a weekly call with everyone was also a nice break from the norm.”

John Clifton
Director & Co-Founder of neuco

“The Academy is an awesome concept that is defining the power of open collaboration. Results so far for me are that my profile views are up 180%, I have 824 new connections and won a $100k project in the US.”

Simon Curtis
MD of Pace Med Tech

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