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The number 1 reason you are forced to make cold calls despite being in recruitment for years (and how to fix it)

Join us on 24 June at 11 am.

*Interested but can’t make it? We will send a recording of this session to everyone who has registered (including non-attendees)

What we'll cover

Group 368

Why even the most experienced recruiters are still forced to make cold calls

Group 368

How this is limiting your potential to grow 

Group 368

A simple process to spend LESS time on cold calls and more time on WARM calls

Where: Zoom | When: 24 June at 11 am

It is tough to find people and jobs at the moment, but we are getting approached about both because people want to work with us as they are starting to learn about us.

John Gould
Owner & Director, Foxley Talent

Deciding whether to invest in the Personal Branding Bootcamp is like deciding between growth and stagnation.

Stine Martinussen
CEO, Helm Specialist Recruitment 

When you start to transcend your message on a platform, you elevate it to 15, 20, 30,000 people consistently. The hard yards become easier. We're getting a lot more inbound. It's amazing.

Gary Thompson
Managing Partner, Staffhost Europe

We have changed the culture of the business to make Hoxo an integral part of our daily processes.

Simon Hair
Managing Director, Precision Sourcing

£1m in revenue that has come 100% inbound as a result of my LinkedIn Brand.

Kyle Winterbottom
Founder & CEO, Orbition

I'm a one-man band, up against agencies that probably have eight people each working this market. Having 80 new candidates, skilled candidates, CV's, conversations, and new relationships in three weeks. That's priceless to me.

Daniel Munn
Founder & CEO, Globalcity

We no longer have to convince any candidates or clients to choose to work with us. 

Ryan Kelly
Director, Creative Natives

It's hard to pay for that kind of marketing out there - and in a market that is very relevant. You're reaching the exact type of people you need. 

Clayton Simons
COO, Norwood

£120 000 offers of which £95k-£100k of those went through. For us as a small business that's been doing it for 12 months, that's some return on investment.

Andy Taylor
Director, ExchangeStreet Executive Search