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Customer stories (3)

Setting you up for success on LinkedIn

We've talked to thousands of agency owners and we know that digital presence is at the forefront of their strategy in 2021 and beyond. That's why we launched the Hoxo Academy. We teach our clients how to maximize LinkedIn at a desk level to build a personal brand that attracts inbound business and creates more conversations. 

As part of the Hoxo Academy, your team will get access to weekly coaching calls, a library of handy templates and resources, and a dedicated LinkedIn group of like-minded recruiters going through the same process.

  • A clear plan for LinkedIn growth
  • Simple success metrics to follow
  • Conquered the fear of creating content
  • More profile views and inbound interest
  • Knowledge of how to build a targeted community
  • Knowledge of how to engage the right people
  • Save time and effort through planning
  • More attention from new and existing clients and customers

Client stories

Here's what our Academy members have to say about the Personal Branding Launch programme

Stuart Middleton - Biggest Win-1

What has been your biggest win/ highlight?

Owen - after thoughts-1

Now that you have finished the Academy, what are your thoughts?

Charlotte - Say to someone thinking about joining

What is the one thing that you'd say to someone who is thinking about joining the Academy?

Katy Aston-Cozens - visability-1

What was your initial reaction when you found out you were going to join the Academy?

Stuart Middleton - go back to traditional

Knowing what you know now, would you go back to traditional ways of recruitment?

Jake Keohane_ say to someone thinking about joining

What is the one thing that you would say to someone who is thinking about joining the Academy?

Zara Longlands - doesn_t take much time

Does implementing the Academy processes take long?

Zack - Aha Moment

What were the biggest penny drop/ "aha" moments for you?

Katy Aston-Cozens - say to someone thinking about joining

What is the one thing that you'd say to someone who's thinking about joining the Academy?

I am ending the week with +261% views on LinkedIn. Confirmed 2 great IVs booked next week and another post featured on LinkedIn which has boosted engagement and connections.”

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Kerri-Ann Hargreaves
, Co-Founder & Director of H2 Consultancy

“The course helped me renew and refine our focus on marketing and start some new initiatives that may never have come to fruition. Having a weekly call with everyone was also a nice break from the norm.”

John Clifton
Director & Co-Founder of neuco

“The Academy is an awesome concept that is defining the power of open collaboration. Results so far for me are that my profile views are up 180%, I have 824 new connections and won a $100k project in the US.”

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Simon Curtis
MD of Pace Med Tech

Let's connect!

Resources for recruiters

Not ready to join the academy yet? That's okay. We'd still like to help you. Here are some resources that will help you build your personal brand on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Content Marketing-2

Want to find out more?

Book a follow-up call with Aaron Hawthorne to find out more about the academy and how it can help your recruitment agency and team. We look forward to hearing from you.